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The Lady Horse Boss - Stacy Brown

Stacy Brown grew up near Monroe, Washington, where she had a loving mother and 11 brothers and sisters! You heard right. That's not a typo. 11! Stacy has a twin sister who she is most close to, and she grew up loving sports, playing volleyball and basketball during school. She still loves to play volleyball and basketball as her physical outlet and part of her living her best life! Stacy also loved horses growing up and did some barrel racing and bareback riding when she could. Today, she is living her dream of having horses and being able to ride as she pleases.

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Lady Horse Boss

After getting married the first time and starting a family in Washington, Stacy and her husband decided to leave their roots and head for bluer skies and more sunshine, moving to Scottsdale, AZ, where she started raising her children. Many years after her divorce, Stacy met Luke Brown, and they instantly had a connection, fell in love, and now are married and live in Mesa, AZ, and have 5 children together from the age of 3 to 22! Stacy is a wonderful mother and is not only the owner of Lady Horse Boss, she is the CEO of the household, keeping the house cleaned, meals on the table, homework done, and along with a never-ending list of household and family duties, she takes care of her children and husband. She truly is as selfless as they come, and Luke is a lucky man to have her in his life!

Stacy is the original “Lady Horse Boss” and is the inspiration for the Lady Horse Boss business! She understands very clearly the responsibility Lady Horse Bosses have to wear many hats, both personally and professionally, and the importance of balance in life. Whether it is riding her horse, Doolen, helping with the horse training business and speaking with and booking clients, being an amazing wife and mother, cooking delicious and healthy meals, or brainstorming and creating a business to serve other fellow Lady Horse Bosses with horsemanship, health and wellness, wealth building, relationship development, or preparedness content and advice, Stacy is always hard at work!

Stacy is very passionate about her roles as a mother and wife and a business partner to her husband, Luke at Reata Horsemanship, and is the glue that holds them together! We are so thankful to have Stacy as a part of our team! Stacy has been the encouraging force for Luke at Reata Horsemanship. Stacy is the reason Reata Horsemanship and Lady Horse Boss exist to serve their customers and clients! Many have benefitted from Stacy’s talents, and thousands and thousands more will benefit from Lady Horse Boss.

A couple of years back, Stacy was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and told she would be on health-compromising medication for the rest of her life. When asking her doctor if he thought that changing her diet could help her, he scoffed at the idea and emphatically said, "No!". With her current doctor ignoring the factor of food’s impact on health, Stacy began researching natural methods of treating Crohn's. She was introduced to a Naturopathic Doctor who helped diagnose her with a serious allergy to dairy and intolerance to gluten. After changing her diet and focusing on natural methods of cleansing and being healthier, Stacy now is symptom-free of Crohn’s and she continues to be an advocate of natural medicine and healthy eating.

Lady Horse Boss
Lady Horse Boss

When you become a Lady Horse Boss, you will hear more about Stacy as she and Luke are passionate about helping you create and live your best life! Whether it is in Horsemanship, or Health and Wellness, or Wealth Building, or Relationships, or Preparation, Stacy is passionate about helping you Live Your Best Life!

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Luke Brown (Reata Horsemanship)

Luke is the founder and head trainer at Reata Horsemanship where Lady Horse Bosses can learn and practice state-of-the-art horsemanship through the training videos and helpful information as well as clinics, lessons, and and so much more! He is a horse behavioral specialist and is passionate about helping horses and owners have safer, more fun-filled relationships, because let's face it, even though we love horses, it isn't very fun feeling in danger while around or on one.

Lady Horse Boss
Lady Horse Boss

Luke is a 5th generation rancher who grew up in southwestern Colorado on a sheep and cattle ranch where he learned from the age of 2 to ride a horse, and started training horses at the age of 10. An accident during training during which, his horse Invierno, bolted and ran off with him, changed his perception of his safety when around and on horses. He began a lifetime of learning how to train horses and mules and most importantly how to help them feel and be safer so that their humans are also safer.

Luke grew up playing sports, getting good grades in school, and being a productive family member on the ranch. He has always loved horses and riding horses. From the time he could walk, he preferred being on the back of a horse. When his brothers would ride a bike, he would saddle up and tag along. If ever there was a chore to do that could be done on the back of a horse, Luke would take advantage and go riding! From gathering runaway horses and cattle to searching for lost sheep and other livestock to leading a mule pack string high in the Colorado Rockies, Luke could be found on the back of a horse.

Lady Horse Boss
Lady Horse Boss

Having safe riding and packing horses and mules was necessary on the ranch, so Luke did much of the training, and most of the horses used on the ranch today were trained by him. Not only has this experience proved valuable to the ranch, it is also necessary when Luke helps clients and their horses today at Reata Horsemanship. Horses of all shapes and sizes come to Luke for rehabilitation from problematic and dangerous behavior such as spooking, bucking, bolting, kicking, being disrespectful, and unable to trailer load, etc. Untrained horses are also a specialty for Luke. He starts colts and older horses alike, putting an excellent foundation of training into them in a relatively short period of time.

After graduating Valedictorian from high school and being offered scholarships to play college basketball, Luke instead served a 2-year LDS (Mormon) mission in Paraguay where he learned 3 languages (Spanish, Portuguese, and Guarani) as well as many further life lessons.

Although Luke was taught by his parents to love America, he came back from Paraguay with a deeper understanding of the blessings and fortune we all have to live in the United States of America. Freedom doesn't come free, and we are all indebted to our military service men and women and their families, both past and present, who have given so much, many including their lives, so that we may be free. Luke is passionate about showing appreciation and helping those men and women without whom none of our free existence would be possible.

Luke also went to college and got a degree from Brigham Young University in Physical Education with a minor in Business Management. He went on to get his Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Utah. Luke now utilizes his knowledge and skills as a Doctor of Physical Therapy as well as his professional skills as a horse behavioral specialist and trainer to develop exercise programs for horse owners to improve their abilities and their safety! At Lady Horse Boss, Luke and Reata Horsemanship are able to contribute to Lady Horse Bosses like no other professional trainer has ever been able to.

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