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  • Welcome to Reata Horsemanship, where our Mission is to Make the Most of Every Horse! Want to have your horse trained excellently and quickly? Luke is your guy! We provide you with some of the most efficient training of horses and people in the world. Luke Brown of Reata Horsemanship is a renowned horse behavioral specialist and has been training horses for 30+ years, getting his start growing up on a sheep and cattle ranch in the southwestern Colorado Rockies, where riding horseback was a way of life. Having 3 brothers and lots of chores to do daily, Luke found every excuse he could to ride. He’s ridden horses since he could walk, and trained his first horse starting at age 10. As you will come to understand, Luke puts his heart and soul into learning and practicing horsemanship and utilizing that knowledge and skill set to help as many horses and horse owners as he can. Helping horse owners have a more fun and more safe relationship with their horse is one of his greatest passions.
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  • Our philosophy at Reata Horsemanship is that most horses can be helped, and that the best way to help your horse is to help yourself by learning and practicing horsemanship. Horses, in a very real sense, are only as good as their owner’s abilities. Even if you get a horse that is calm and well trained, sooner or later, his abilities will settle near yours, and his potential will not be met unless you meet yours! As you improve, so will your horse!
  • Natural Horsemanship refers to training a horse by using a horse’s natural abilities to our advantage to help a horse become a calm and willing partner so that your relationship with your horse is safer and more fun. Come join us at Reata Horsemanship by allowing us to help you with your horsemanship through our training programs, clinics, trail rides, and online community membership through Lady Horse Boss.
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  • Horses that get the opportunity to come to Luke at Reata Horsemanship can be guaranteed his very best. He guarantees an average minimum of 1 1/2 hours of training into each horse each day. Therefore, he only takes on a maximum of about 5 to 6 horses at a time. Because horses get that 1-on-1 specialized training that Luke offers, each horse progresses much more quickly than with the majority of trainers on the market. If you’re accustomed to leaving your horse with a trainer for 3 to 6 months only to get him or her back with an empty bank account and no real idea of what your horse is capable of, his or her strengths and weaknesses, and not feeling confident in riding yourself, it’s time you came to see Luke. He often trains horses who have been many months with other trainers without significant progress.
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  • Luke offers FREE evaluations where he will work with your horse for an hour and a half, helping your horse make those first critical steps towards being safer and more fun to ride. You can ask Luke questions and get a good idea whether or not he is a good fit for you and your horse. When your horse is in training with Luke, he will send update videos upon your request, and you are also welcome to come watch his training your horse at any time! Luke’s transparency and honesty are bar none the best in the horse training business. When you choose Luke Brown of Reata Horsemanship for your training needs, you can expect satisfaction with excellent results!


  • Reata Horsemanship Clinics are among the most unique in the world. Not only will you learn from Horse Behavioral Specialist, Luke Brown, for 2 days about horsemanship, from ground work to riding and everything in between, Luke has also partnered with Lady Horse Boss to create Life Coaching tools and information to educate and inspire you to Live Your Best Life. We understand that although your life may revolve around your horses, you still have other goals, dreams, responsibilities, challenges, surprises, heartbreaks, and victories in your life. You have friends and family - loved ones - who depend on you and you on them. In this modern world of fast-paced technology and social media platforms that rob us of reality and personal touch, now, more than ever, we are in need of assistance to navigate the chaos. Reata Horsemanship and Lady Horse Boss do just that!
  • So, along with the amazing horsemanship skills you will learn and practice in the clinics, Luke also sprinkles in powerful life coaching information and tools to help you believe in yourself and take the necessary ACTION to Live Your Best Life!

Trail Rides

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  • Trail riding is arguably Luke’s favorite pastime and expertise as he grew up riding horses and packing mules and horses high in the Colorado Rockies on his family’s sheep and cattle ranch. Every summer, from the age of 7, Luke would help his dad pack supplies and salt high into the mountains to sheep camps where sheep are tended by herders who live in a small canvas tents and have a wood stove to cook their meals. Luke has logged thousands of hours of experience high in the Colorado Rockies and enjoys teaching and trail riding with others as well. Currently, trail riding with Luke is by invitation only, and Lady Horse Boss members get priority and discounts to the Educational Trail Rides that Luke offers.
  • As trail riding is a passion of Luke’s and of so many Lady Horse Bosses, members of Lady Horse Boss have the opportunity to attend the Lady Horse Boss Bi-Annual Trail Ride and Bar-B-Q in Arizona and Colorado.

Lady Horse Boss Membership

  • As part of the Lady Horse Boss Membership, Reata Horsemanship provides all the horse training, problem solving, horsemanship tips, Desensitizing Master Classes, and so much more! Instead of just having horse training videos like so many others, we offer the videos and information inside of the Lady Horse Boss Membership portal, where you will learn and be inspired to also Live Your Best Life!


  • Reata Horsemanship and Lady Horse Boss offer internships for those seeking to further their horsemanship skills into becoming exercise riders and/or trainers and clinicians.
  • We currently offer a Reata Riders Internship, which was created to develop exercise riders who have the background, experience, knowledge, and skills to ride horses trained by Luke at Reata Horsemanship after they’ve returned to their owners. Often, people are not able to give their horse the time under saddle necessary to maintain their level achieved at Reata Horsemanship, and Luke does not offer to “exercise ride” horses. We’ve realized that horse owners want to continue their horse’s riding but often don’t have time to do enough. That’s why we’ve developed the Reata Riders internship program to train riders to understand and practice similar riding methods and training techniques that the horses have learned.
  • Find Out More About Our Reata Rider Internships by calling Stacy at (480) 888-5030.

Virtual Lessons

  • We offer Virtual Lessons to those who want one-on-one video advice from Luke Brown of Reata Horsemanship but don’t have the means to do lessons live. Many people run into problems with their horses, and without the experience that a professional trainer like Luke has, often they get stuck and are unable to correct a behavior.
  • Virtual Lessons are simple. When you go to the Shop and purchase a Virtual Lesson (Make sure you are a member and are logged in as such to get the Membership discount), you will be given instructions on how to send a 5-minute-or-less video describing/showing the problem you’re having. Luke will create a video response to help you solve the problem. It’s a fun way to interact with Luke himself over video communication.

Our Store

  • Reata Horsemanship and Lady Horse Boss provide hoodies, t-shirts, hats, bleacher seats, desensitizing flags, exercise balls, and much more for those who want to sport our logo and/or utilize some of the awesome tools we have on hand.