Host a Clinic

  • Are you interested in hosting a Reata Horsemanship/Lady Horse Boss Clinic? Here’s what you need to know.
  • You’ll need to contact us directly at (480) 888-5030 to find out available clinic-hosting dates.
  • Our clinics are 2 days long, 9 hours each day with a 1-hour lunch break.
  • Clinics cover a variety of information and skills. We offer the following:
  • Fundamental Ground Work (Level 1)
    ― Riders will focus on the fundamental ground work that creates the foundation for riding a horse. This clinic is perfect for the Beginner and Intermediate riders, and most importantly, for anyone wanting to learn and/or refine their ground work.
  • Fundamental Ground Work and Riding (Level 2)
    ― Riders will focus on the fundamental ground work, and will also get a chance to start working on fundamental riding. Your time will be jam packed with information overload and the art of practicing horsemanship. Feel and Timing are stressed here.
  • Desensitizing Clinics
    ― Desensitizing is one of the most neglected and/or misunderstood subjects in the horse training world. Luke has spent his life learning and gaining skills to desensitize some of the most challenging and spooky horses out there. Our desensitizing clinics help you understand the WHY and practice the HOW so that you can help your horse feel more comfortable with this crazy human world we’ve put them into. We also practice fundamental ground work, but typically attendees need to take the Fundamental Ground Work and Riding Clinic or the Fundamental Ground Work Clinic first in order to be prepared for this challenging Desensitizing Clinic.
  • Other Options. Although these 3 clinics are our current focus because it’s what people need the most, we are open to teaching other clinics with more advanced information. If you and a group are interested in a specific discipline, we can create a clinic designed for you! Just ask!
  • Call Stacy at (480) 888-5030 for any further questions and details regarding pricing.
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