Keeping You Updated on Our Latest Horsemanship Events


  • Horsemanship Clinics with Luke Brown at Reata Horsemanship are the quickest and most cost-effective activities for the horse owner and lover seeking to become a better horseman and create a safer and more fun-filled relationship with their horse. We offer Clinics in the following categories:
  • Fundamental Ground Work Clinics
  • Fundamental Ground Work and Riding Clinics
  • Desensitizing Clinics
  • Special Request Clinics
  • What’s different about Luke and his Reata Horsemanship Clinics? In other words, if you had to choose between Luke Brown and another horseman’s clinic, why would Luke be your choice? That is an excellent question!
  • First of all, Luke is known by many as the most efficient trainer, training many horses within a 1-month time period, while other trainers may take a horse for 4-6 months or more with little to show. Luke’s knowledge of horses and horse behavior is unmatched by most, which is why he is in such high demand, with horses on waiting lists for his training program months in advance. While there are many professional trainers out there in the clinic circuit, Luke is a clinician who dedicates his training methods not only to helping the horse and owner in horsemanship, but also to help people improve their lives.
  • As part of Lady Horse Boss, which is a community of horse-loving women dedicated to Living Their Best Life, Luke and his wife, Stacy, have created a Life Coaching Program through Horsemanship, and they provide tons and tons of content and helpful tools to guide people to changing their lives for the better. A few years back, Luke had an epiphany - He realized that people who come to him with horse problems don’t just have horse problems. As humans, problems and challenges are a part of life. Whether you are struggling to lose weight or dealing with a serious illness or have a rocky relationship or unruly children or can’t get your finances in order to save your life and are living pay check to pay check and drowning in debt with no apparent way out, you are not alone.
Lady Horse Boss
  • Luke and Stacy have had their share of challenges and learned a few things along the way. They want to Live Their Best Life, and therefore strive for that daily, and they want to help others Live Their Best Life. Luke also understands that when your personal life is struggling or in shambles, your horsemanship cannot develop to the level your horse and you need. At Reata Horsemanship Clinics, Luke provides insights, education, motivation, and inspiration to the horse owner seeking more out of life. When you experience a Reata Horsemanship Clinic, you will find answers to how to Live Your Best Life, including in areas of Health and Wellness, Wealth Building, Relationships, Preparedness, and of course, Horsemanship. While horsemanship is focus at these clinics, Luke will sprinkle words of wisdom about all aspects of life. People that come to Reata Horsemanship clinics don’t just want to work on their horsemanship, they work on their life.
Lady Horse Boss

Trail Rides

Lady Horse Boss
  • Trail riding can be one of the funnest things to do on the back of a horse! At Reata Horsemanship and Lady Horse Boss, trail riding is an essential part of our life and business.
  • Not only do we trail ride often, twice a year, we have a trail riding event and barbecue for Lady Horse Bosses. Nothing beats camaraderie with fellow Lady Horse Bosses riding horseback on a mountain or desert trail, followed by delicious food!

Other Fun Events

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  • Throughout the year, we attend and sometimes participate in events with horses, such as rodeos, gymkhanas, shows, and more. At Lady Horse Boss, with the mission of helping you Live Your Best Life, we also encourage attendance at other events such as leadership conferences, charitable events, fun runs, and so much more! These events will be posted on our calendar.